Monteverde Information

Getting to Monteverde you will find a fresh air, green mountains, humid and unique climate, with a long rainy season that keeps the colors that make this area particularly, located in an average altitude of 1200 masn, near the Continental Divide.

The mountains with their giant trees and dense forests, offer different activities to observe the forest from any perspective, walking up, sliding, along the trails, day hikes or night guided hikes, you can enjoy it as more you like.

We offer here a bit of information of tours that can enjoy during your stay in Mar Inn Bed & Breakfast.

You can pre-order your activities with us, in a safety way that you will always receive and pay the fair rate and be sure to pay direct to provider.

Monteverde top 5 attractions:

Zip Line / Canopy Tour:

Canopy TourMonteverde area offers 5 diferent zip lines companies, all of theme quite similars on price but not in activities or what each of them offers, for example the longest cable of latin american, the fastest cable, the tallest tarzan swing. All companies offer shuttle service from the hotel in the different times, morning and afternoon, the approximate duration is 3 hours, depending on the size of the groups in each time. There are 3 of the 5 zip line companies in which it can further the zip line, can enjoy the walkway suspension bridges in the heights of the forest in a package that will take you for about half a day.

Day Tours

guided-tours-monteverde-marinnCertainly the main attraction of our area of Monteverde, is its cloud forest in the area there are 2 main parks, biological reserves and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Santa Elena, additionally there are several areas that funsionan-protecting and private book 2 of these places that highlight is The wildlife Refuge and wildlife Refuge Curicancha. There is the possibility to go on your own, but it is always recommended for learning the visitor who can walk with a guide should not necessarily be private, but you can group sharing a guide, normally these groups are between 2 and 8 participants and making a recorrrido 3 hours.

Hanging or Suspenssion Bridges

bridges-monteverde-marinnThe walk on the hanging bridges becomes as attractive to visitors because it offers a panoramic view of the forest, consists of a loop from 2 to 4 km and from 6 to 8 bridges in total, the walk takes about 2, 5 hours. The ability to walk with a tour guide is choosing for an additional payment, trasportation is an option that companies offered from the hotel, at different schedules, is highly recommended in the morning in the early hours of light, animals mostly birds can feed they self and also bring food to their chicks. Visitors can take a optional package in this trip, with butterflies, hummingbirds, reptiles and amphibians and even a lunch included.

Night Walk Tours

Monteverde+Mar+Inn+Bed+and+&+Breakfast+places+to+stay+cloud+forest+costa+rica+monteverde+informationCertainly the Monteverde area offers a great biodiversity and shows a lot of animals during the daily walks, but under the darkness cover, the chance increases to see more animals, this due to most mammals are nocturnal.
The night walk tours is one of the best activities in the area, and your schedule is trascendetal, just at sunset began its activity for all those animals which they look for food at night, a lot of insects, frogs, serpients, tarantulas, sleeping birds and a variety of plants is what awaits you in these walks.

Coffee Tours

Coffee Plant. Branch of a Coffee Tree with Ripe BeansGeography is a plus in Monteverde for coffee cultivation, making it one of the major grain production for gold, thus named as one of the leading exports in Costa Rica the country’s development cualcontribuyo and even today remain a listed producer of high quality coffee country.
These tours also offer a free trial of coffee shows them a little history and culture behind this grain, plus some tourist farms combine the tour with cocoa and sugar cane to make a very attractive tour where you can see the 3 different development processes.