The town of Monteverde is a small town located between rural roads which can be a bit confusing on the arrival if you do not have GPS, what´s good, to be relatively small area for approximately population of 10 thousand,  many people know the main businesses in the area , so if a question comes upon your arrival, can ask with all trust any person and they will give you directions on how to find us.
Below we offer some directions from the main destinations of access to Monteverde:

From Guanacaste (North Pacific)

From the Guanacaste province or the north Pacific beaches of Costa Rica, should be addressed to the Pan-American Highway or National Route 1, heading south on the same road you can take one of the four deviations 1- Cañas 2-La Irma Intersection 2-Río Lagartos and 4- Sardinal of Puntarenas intersection.

From option 1rst Cañas, you must drive on Route 926 to Tilarán downtown and then 145-606 this road will take you to Monteverde.

From Option 2nd The Irma, in front of service or gas station, turn left to the city of Las Juntas de Abangares, then drive through the mountains of La Sierra and reach the small town of San Rafael de Abangares, turn right in front of the police office (you will see it) to Cebadilla and then Monteverde.

From the 3rd option Rio Lagartos, on the Pan-American or Route 1, approximately 20 minutes after the intersection of La Irma and just past the bridge of Rio Lagartos, take the exit to the left heading Sarmientos or 605 route, arriving to the intersection of Guacimal continue directly on 606 to Monteverde.

From the 4th  option Sardinal – Puntarenas, this is the last option if you’ve pass any the previous 3 options or if there are any problems with the above roads, the Rancho Grande service or gas starion is  located 10 minutes after Bridge Rio Lagartos on 3rd oprtion, turn left to the small town of Sardinal – Puntarenas, at the intersection of the soccer field at the road side, turn left, NOT direct, to the intersection of Guacimal and then route 606 will take you to Monteverde.

From La Fortuna (Arenal Volcano area)

If you are in the north of Costa Rica, near La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano should take approximately 3 hours in a car, along this way enjoy the scenery, cattle, beautiful views of  Arenal Lake, the dam  and wind power towers.

Head west of the volcano and take the 142 National Route that connects La Fortuna with Tilarán, when reach the town of Tilaran, towards the south of the city on 145-606 Route to the intersection of Quebrada Grande at El  Dos de Tilarán, you must turn left driving to Cabeceras, from this small village 10 km on the gravel road you´ll get to Monteverde.

From San José (near Airport area)

If you are located other place, Caribbean, Central Valley, South Pacific or Central Pacific, this will be the most accurate information to reach Monteverde.

Be located on Routes 1 (Pan-Amercian) or 27, head northwest of Costa Rica in the direction of Guancaste province , after passing towns such as San Ramon, Orotina and Puntarenas, on Cuatro Cruces de Miramar intersection  15 minutes straight, turn left in the service or gas station Rancho Grande, to the small town of Sardinal de Puntarenas, once get to the football field (road side), turn left to the intersection of Guacimal de Puntarenas and continue along the route 606 to Monteverde.